Making : brownies :)
Cooking : chicken cordon bleu: dinner tonight.
Drinking : hot peppermint tea
Reading: allegiant by veronica roth
Wanting: warm boots to accomadate the snow outside
Looking: at the pottery barn mag. ::sigh:: so pretty.
Playing: dave barnes, very merry christmas
Wasting: time. watching pitch perfect, yet again. its a house fav!
Sewing: i wish. maybe i should ask for a sewing machine for christmas
Wishing: i could get rid of this cough. just go away please...
Enjoying: a cozy warm home
Waiting: for christmas mail to start arriving! 
Liking: how our house is slowly feeling more put together
Wondering: when we will get our puppy's first hair cut and nails cut. 
Loving: that the christmas tree is finally up and looking snazzy!
Hoping: to have a white christmas...looks like it may be in the forecast this year!
Marveling: at how peaceful and pretty snow can be. our God is so creative!
Needing: curtains to be hung in our house. 
Smelling: a candle burning upstairs. woodwick: fireside
Wearing: yoga pants and a favorite hoodie. 
Following: dave barnes' christmas extravagan za on youtube
Noticing: how chipped my nail polish has gotten. time for a new coat
Knowing: I need to start excercising again, but discouraged by being sick
Thinking: about how much I miss my fun family
Bookmarking: recipes for later
Opening: a new box of tissues
Giggling: at our puppy who expects a treat every time he goes potty outside..
Feeling: content


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  1. I LOVE Pitch Perfect and Dave Barnes! Sounds like a good time.


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