today to start off lightly, i would much rather be in the bahamas. it seems that a lot of people here in michigan take a winter break vacation to somewhere warm, and i dont blame them, because winter is so long and gray with barely any sun peeking through. today, my excitement for christmas jumped because friends will be in town soon, presents will be given to loved ones, and most importantly we will be celebrating our Savior's birth and the start of his journey toward a sacrifice made so that we can always be close to God and spend eternity with Him. today, i have been really thinking heavily on that. that sacrifice is serious true love. that sacrifice is a gift of salvation and redemption everyday. that sacrifice was made so that we could find healing, and wholeness for our soul, body, and spirit. that sacrifice was not done because we earned or deserved it, but simply because He loves us. a love that is truly hard to comprehend. so i am asking myself today: am i really loving God wholeheartedly in return? am i giving my life fully to God each day and allowing Him to wok through me to serve His purpose here on earth? today, i just wanted to share what was really on my heart, and what i am taking the time to pray about in my life.

[John 3:1-21]

(mid-day update: i saw this video below posted by a friend on facebook, and it really just went along with what i wrote today and what has been on my heart, so i wanted to add it)


  1. love this post. so easy to get caught up in all the holiday stuff that we forget the real reason. thanks for the reminder!

  2. This is beautiful, and such an important reminder. It's so easy to get sucked into the materialistic transformation of Christmas. I needed to be grounded by this again :)


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