christmas memories

although it is beautiful to look at...i'm starting to get tired of the snow, mostly because i have to drive my little car in it. since i haven't been around since christmas, i have to do one last ode to 2013 and share some of our christmas! we spent christmas eve at each of the grandparents houses and indulged in the christmas eve tradition of prime rib...and jello. jello for me at least (eek). and christmas day we spent at kenny's  parents house. i can't imagine what it would be like to split christmas between my family and kenny's because his family keeps busy both days. before going to kenny's parents, we opened our gifts for each other at home and toby even got a few gifts from my mom as well! his ginger bread man biscuit didn't last too long :) i was surprised by the kitchen aid mixer that kenny got for me--so excited to start using it! after our two days of christmas it was nice to have vacation from work to rest up and get back into the swing of things! it is still hard to adjust being away from my family during the holiday season, but so very thankful for technology and being able to talk to them over the phone and even sometimes facetime!

sorry to take a step back [into last year], but i was thoroughly enjoying my vacation time over the last couple weeks! :)



  1. that dog is precious in the last pic! The snow looks gorgeous, but like you..i would probably get tired of it after a while. Thanks for leaving a comment about the house's super scary and I hate thinking about purchasing the wrong one... it keeps me up at night haha.

    ps. plz let me know if i'm a no reply blogger. think i got it fixed but apparently im not great at these things! lol

    1. It looks like I am able to reply with no problem! you can always double check with this tutorial: <-- I always google when in doubt, and i am always figuring out new tricks!


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