high five for friday!

I have decided to link up today for "high five for friday" with lauren elizabeth. i cant believe that it is february...tomorrow! where did january go? here are my top 5 favs from this past week:

1. yes, i watched part of the grammy's on sunday, and i was particularly encouraged and challenged by these two women in the following days: natalie grant / mandisa

2. going back to the "30 day shred". with no gym membership and the outdoors being way too cold for me to exercise, it was about time to get the blood pumpin through my body with some indoor exercise. up next- "ripped in 30 days"!

3. This Article that surfaced from Relevant Magazine. this was right on point to where i am in life right now with friends. time to start breaking down comfort zones and build a community! titled: Why is is so hard to make friends after college?

4. i'm making bread for the first time tonight with my new mixer--hopefully it turns out well! i'm glad i finally feel like i have time to try it out!

5. the door prepping and painted will be done in the near future! i may have mentioned before, we have no doors currently upstairs in our house. they were all taken down so that the rim could be painted, floors could be put down, and they could be painted as well. the time has come! and when its below 20 degress outside, the painting must happen in the basement!

have a great weekend, its time for us to try some (hopefully) delicious fresh bread!



  1. I was so encouraged by Natalie Grant and Mandisa, as well! Good for them! And I've been having a hard time making new friends too. I actually just got done writing about that on my latest post and I really liked that article. Just because we're adults doesn't mean we don't need a group of solid friends! :)

    1. Yes, I agree! That article hit home with me, I almost teared up while reading it because that has been a real life struggle for me!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes!! I related to that sooo much!

  3. Ohhhh, the 30 day shred! It's been awhile since I've dusted off my copy of that...with all of the iciness on the NY streets today, I may need to pop that one back into my DVD player!

    1. i totally prefer to be outside exercising, so since there has been snow on the ground since november here in MI--it has definitely come time for me to break out jillian again! thanks for stopping by :)

  4. ooh what's 30 day shred? does it cost money?


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