if i were to have a housewarming party...

do people still have housewarming parties? if this is still something that is happening, i would/should probably have one. and if you do have a housewarming, do you get to register? i loved making a registry when i was engaged, and secretly am looking forward to registering places again in the future when we are ready to have kids :) well in the world of housewarming parties, i would be sure to register at potter barn, crate and barrel, west elm...and of course target.and these would be a few things that i would add! you know...if i had super rich friends who would be invited :)

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would you have a housewarming party? all this being said, i really don't need a party.  i do love sharing our home with friends and having people over to enjoy our space no matter what! 

i hope everyone had a great weekend!


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  1. I love all of this! Haha I can afford to buy you one pillow :) let's go "house shopping" soon where we go to all the fun stores and dream about the things we could buy!


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