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there have been a few things on my mind lately. some big things, and some really small things. since this is a place that i have created to share what is on my mind...why not do so?
  • i have been challenged in my thankfulness. a few months ago i had been struggling with the fact that i have a completed bachelors degree, am paying off my student loans, and not working in the field that i studied and worked hard to work in. God really opened my eyes to the blessing my current job is. i don't hate my job, i am able to work from home (which saves gas money), i work in an encouraging christian environment, and kenny and i are using my health insurance because it is way less expensive than his, but still really good. i became really thankful and content with my job because without it, there may be a chance that we (i) would not have all of those things. this past week, some changes in our responsibilities took place at work, and i am struggling with the thought that this just puts a lot more on my plate. they aren't big changes, but it will force me to go out of my comfort zone a bit, so i am really praying for a thankful heart, and for ease as i work through this!
  • house changes. were a bit stagnant on house updates right now, which is okay with me. but i really would like to finish paint touch ups, which have been sitting for a few months, hang curtains (can i get some privacy over here?), and get a bigger rug for our entry way at the front door since our little set up does not seem to help with keeping the floor clean (thanks to the snow and salt). these are all little things, but little things that bug me whenever i am home. type a personality coming out just a little bit?-yes.
  • it has been almost 7 months. kenny and i are on our seventh month of marriage-how did that happen so quickly?? you guys, marriage rocks, and i am so so thankful for kenny! he is smart, a provider, a smile whenever i need it-even most of our ceremony was laughs, but it was described by a few guests as a "roller coaster of emotions" because they were both laughing and tearing up throughout the whole thing. this picture below taken by my aunt is a good example. we still have a lot to learn about each other, but that comes in time, and with the ups and downs of life. i would be lying to say that my love for him doesn't grow more every day!

  • this song that a friend shared on facebook: for some reason i can't add a youtube video because it's not coming up in the search :( click here to watch

thanks for listening to my rambles today, and i hope that everyone is having a great week, we're halfway to the weekend already!


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  1. I completely understand about having a degree and not working in the area you want. Since I moved home I've been struggling to find a job. It's looking like I'll have to take a job that I'm not over the moon about, but adult responsibilities get in the way. haha That pic of you and Kenny is so cute!


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