this winter craze

winter sure has come in FULL force this year! it is bone chilling cold out there, with soo much snow, the most snow that I have seen on the ground in years! but then again...i had been living in virginia for 6 years until i moved to michigan last year, and virginia averaged maybe about 3 inches a year. winter is not going anywhere, anytime soon. i do have to say, i appreciate the snow with it being this cold! i also appreciate kenny going out in the bitter cold to keep our driveway and walkway clear through it all!

i promise i will talk about something other than the weather next time, but this winter is not just crazy here, its crazy in a lot of places! have you seen what has been going on in georgia? i cant imagine leaving work for the day and ending up spending the night in my car because it is dead traffic. or even worse, having to walk (most likely miles) somewhere in the bitter cold because i have run out of gas and had to leave my car behind. i am thankful for michigan snow clean up! i always have a blanket, flashlight and small first aid kit in my car just in case! people, stay warm! for now, im just going to grab another cup of hot chocolate and pretend there is whipped cream on top:)


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  1. it sure has been crazy in atl--lack of preparedness all around down here


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