week of love

i love valentines day and have always really enjoyed the holiday! i am not huge into big gifts or felt the need to go out for a big dinner--although i wouldn't pass on either of those, i wouldn't be disappointed if they didn't happen. growing up i had always been shown and felt that i am loved on valentines day, from getting treats from my grandparents, to cards, treats and flowers from my own parents each year. i have learned from those people in my life that valentines day is a focus on reminding your loved ones how much you love them and ...treating them!

so what do you do for valentines day? do you go big every year? make a batch of brownies with pink, red, and white sprinkles on top? this year i'm planning on just making a nice dinner for kenny and i, and of course a delicious sweet treat to follow! but i can't share what treat i have decided on just yet...you'll have to wait til later this week!


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