weekend recap...midway through the next week.

you guys, my weekend was great! although friday was still a work day, it was valentines day, and i did a great job of taking no pictures! haha. so kenny brought some beautiful flowers home for me on thursday, and friday morning i got up and made him breakfast. blueberry pancakes, orange juice, coffee, and of course bacon! the rest of our day went pretty normal. work, dinner at home, and then grocery shopping. that is my kind of valentines day :) we both like grocery shopping and to me it was just about spending that quality time together! on saturday kenny spent some time shoveling snow off the roof. i have never lived somewhere that has gotten so much snow that the roof needs to be shoveled off! a lot of our neighbors/ people who live in the surrounding area have shoveled their roofs off and kenny was fortunate enough to have a co-worker who had an extended shovel that he could borrow. it was driving toby crazy that he couldn't be outside with kenny, so i let him out for just a little bit. while kenny was working on the deck. i think our deck has more than 3 ft of snow on it-you can see kenny standing on top of it in the picture below. when monday rolled around we got...more snow! just when the sun starts peeking out more often we get another snow storm. it was definitely a hot soup and sandwich night at our house! this week we are getting into some warmer temperatures finally, but with the melting will come a lot of ice. it's crazy that i have gotten so used to the below 20 temperatures, that 30 degrees feels super warm to me now!

 hope everyone is having a great week so far!



  1. We got a lot of snow lately, too. Like 8 inches last night! That soup and sandwich looks so good...I need to go make dinner now :)

    1. I am so ready for it to be over! i heard on the news the other night that we have gotten 10 ft this winter so far--not quite like the years of VA winters, right!?


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