DIY: frosting glass windows

when we first looked at our house, i knew i didn't like the master bedroom doors. french doors with glass window panes. not kidding. the previous owners had curtains on the inside for "privacy". but in my eyes, glass windows on a bedroom door is not private, at all! i like the french door look, and once we bought the house started strategizing ways to fix the glass problem. my first thought was to paint the glass the same color as the doors. we were going to get our doors sprayed so i thought, "why not, it'll look even because it'll be sprayed, right?" wrong. the more i thought about it, the more i thought it would look tacky. i looked online for door replacements, and they unfortunately did not seem like a generic door size. i couldn't find the door size i needed, and at the few places i did, it was crazzzzy expensive. okay, so; no painting over, no (affordable) replacements. so then i start looking at curtains that were designed for french doors. ugh, not impressed, and not private enough in my mind. then i had the grand idea to frost the windows, simply with spray paint...why had i not thought of this earlier? we painted our doors last month, and were given the idea to put the film (frosted) over the windows. my initial thought was that it would look cheap and i knew i wouldn't be good at putting it on--i had much more trust in my spray painting skills! so we decided to give the film a try...and my initial thoughts were spot on! it was awful, and i was not good at applying it AT ALL. so, last weekend i taped up the doors, and got to my spray painting! all in all it took about 4 coats, but it has more of a chic look to it now, and you can't peep through! that, is what i call an improvement :)

 first i had to gather all my supplies. we had blue tape leftover from all of the taping off that we have had to do in our house so far, a roll of painters paper, and valspar frosting spray paint. i started off by cleaning the windows off...twice. i tried to wipe those babies as clean as possible!
 next i taped off and covered the doors. it was the most tedious part of this project, but on the plus side,the frost show clear on the white doors, so if i missed a sliver of a spot, no biggie. after taping, i got to spraying! (the picture below shows after the second coat was complete.)
 after 4 coats the doors were finally frosted enough so that we could not see through, so it was time to hang them! once we hung the doors, kenny did notice that the top left four panes weren't frosted quite enough, because if we put our face up to the glass we can see in. but from walking by and not trying to necessarily trying to look in, they are good for now, and will be touched up!

here is the price breakdown:

paper: $4.99 at Menards
painters tape: we already had it on hand, but usually it can run from $5-$7 a roll
valspar frosting spray paint: $4.98/can at Lowes

total for us: just about $15

now that's a quick, easy, and cheap way to make those doors work :)


sock stealer for life.

he always finds them. he loves socks. i'm not sure why he loves them so much but he always searches them out. it takes half a second for him to quickly nab one out of the laundry basket when it is in transport from being dirty, to being taken to the washer, then dried, and brought back upstairs to be folded. laundry day is a sock field day for toby. a sock field day! dirty socks are sweaty and have been in our shoes all day (i'm am pretty proud to say that neither kenny or i really have smelly or gross feet), but my first though was that maybe he was attracted to the sweaty smell/salty taste? gross, i know. but i don't think that is the case, because he goes for clean socks just as often as the dirty ones. and thank goodness he doesn't rip the socks apart! we have had a few small holes here and there but no rips, he basically just likes to carry them around and lay with them...claim ownership over them. and he KNOWS that he is wrong when he takes a sock. he has a guilty look every time and crouches as he tries to walk slowly by with it in his mouth. he is such a stealthy little guy.
so there you have it. i just posted a full paragraph about my dog's love for socks. for the record i have given in a bit and he does have a designated sock now. but this definitely does not stop the sock stealing! he is a sock stealer for life! but oh, so cute. i just can't escape being a proud dog momma at this point in my life (HA)!


i can't wait for summer...

The Daily Tay

summer come quick! in anticipation for warmer weather, i'm linking up to share why i can't wait for summer! tomorrow is the first day of spring, but of course we are expecting one last bit of snow :(

i can't wait for summer because...

we have a few friends getting married this summer and i can't wait to share their special day!

cook outs! we just used our grill for the first time tonight and i can't wait to use it more often! i see many grilled dinners(and dinner parties!) in our future...

we can go out on the lake in a boat or to more of this walking on top of the lake...

i will get to see my family! i haven't seen them since my wedding, and even that weekend didn't include too much quality time because it was super busy..

there will be colors outside. its been a whole lot of black and white out here in michigan...

blogging is just a bit easier. it seems like the days have gotten a little more boring as winter has progressed this year, and summer is always packed full of activities like fairs, food festivals, parks, farmers markets, beaches, backyard parties...dare i keep going?

can you wait for summer to start? i am thankful to live in a state that actually has 4 seasons to show for, but when winter is this long...its easy to wish i lived in a warmer climate :)


finish this...

my heart happy that the sun has been out everyday this week (and it has been out way past 7pm!)! it a sure change that spring is on its way! although there is still a lot of snow on the ground, the melting has begun!

one thing every woman should know... if your married, pray for your husband! if your not married, pray for your future husband! it may seem like a simple or "obvious" task, but it has helped me with trying to keep God first in my marriage/relationship, seeking his wisdom and guidance, and quite honestly has only continued to strengthen my faith, trust and love in kenny.

my breakfast typically consists of...oatmeal and coffee, everyday! sometimes a green smoothie sneaks in there too :)

i'm so glad I learned the secret to...a michigan winter. you just gotta keep living life normally, doing your normal everyday things! snow doesn't stop much from happening around here so you just have to keep on keepin' on! also, it may be a good idea to take some vitamin D...there isn't much sun in the winter :)


working from home: the cons

okay, so a few days later part two is finally posted! as you will notice, there are more pros than cons to working at home for me. i love working from home! so here are the cons, most of which aren't that big of a deal, but can effect my work efficiency at times!

  • sometimes i feel like i never leave the house. especially this winter since it hasn't even been warm enough or the roads clear enough to take toby on a walk during my lunch break. i have felt like a major hermit at times!
  • i feel disconnected from my co-workers and the workplace at times. there are some times when i go into work for a meeting, and feel very behind on what is going on in our office, whether is system updates, program updates, or just what is going on with co-workers. i don't always feel this way, but occasionally i do feel a disconnect.
  • sometimes it is harder to get up in the morning. i do usually make a point to get up and get ready for the day, but if i go to bed really late one night, sometimes it is hard to get up and i try really hard not to stay in bed until the very last minute. i have always loved my sleep!
  • sometimes the days seem to drag on. since i never actually leave the house in the morning to go to work, and there is not a time that i leave work to get home, my days seem mushed together and seem longer than the days that i actually do go into the office!

so all in all, i do really enjoy working from home! when i started, i didn't think i would like it as much as i do now, and it has just worked out so well for me so far! do you go to the office or work from home? i would love to one day (re) decorate the office space that i have here at home, but it may one day be used for a bedroom. so, maybe i can design an office that easily transforms into a bedroom? we'll see :)


working from home: the pros.

i have mentioned before that i work from home, except for occasional days when i need to go into the office for a meeting or have an event that i need to attend. as a college recruiter, i do need to be flexible sometimes, and there are some days that i work extra hours. so i thought i would share in a two-part post what the pros and cons are of working from home. lets start with the pros:

  • i don't have to commute back and forth to work everyday. if i drove into work it would be 50 minutes on the road each day. this cancels out on everyday wear on driving on the highway and pot hole filled roads. it also saves huge on our gas expense every month! 
  • i don't feel the need to buy new work clothes all the time. this may sound stupid, but if i did go into work everyday, i would probably spend more money updating my work wardrobe than my personal wardrobe. 
  • we don't have to leave toby crated all day. when we brought toby into our family, the only reason we were able to do so is because i work from home! and i get toby cuddles all day.

  • now, being married, i make dinner every night, and to be completely honest i think working from home makes for less stress when meal planning/putting together dinner after work each day. it works out pretty well for me!

  • just because i work from home doesn't mean that i'm a slob everyday (to put it bluntly). i still get up and shower, get dressed, and sometimes i even get up with enough time to get some exercise in before my work day. i'm not really a morning person, but if i didn't prepare myself for my day, i don't think that i would be ready to take on my daily tasks. i wouldn't have the work mentality that i need.
  • i don't have to pack a lunch! and i have more flexibility with my lunch break. i can take toby on a walk, start or prepare dinner for that night.
  • sometimes i can multitask. if i'm on a phone call, i can talk while unloading the dishwasher, or put in a load of laundry. 
  • i have my own space, i am comfortable in it, and i work better when i am able to get in my zone.
i can assure you that my list of cons will be shorter. i love working from home, the responsibility that it carries, and how it has really just worked so well for me. make sure to stop back and check out what i feel are the cons of working from home!

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