DIY: frosting glass windows

when we first looked at our house, i knew i didn't like the master bedroom doors. french doors with glass window panes. not kidding. the previous owners had curtains on the inside for "privacy". but in my eyes, glass windows on a bedroom door is not private, at all! i like the french door look, and once we bought the house started strategizing ways to fix the glass problem. my first thought was to paint the glass the same color as the doors. we were going to get our doors sprayed so i thought, "why not, it'll look even because it'll be sprayed, right?" wrong. the more i thought about it, the more i thought it would look tacky. i looked online for door replacements, and they unfortunately did not seem like a generic door size. i couldn't find the door size i needed, and at the few places i did, it was crazzzzy expensive. okay, so; no painting over, no (affordable) replacements. so then i start looking at curtains that were designed for french doors. ugh, not impressed, and not private enough in my mind. then i had the grand idea to frost the windows, simply with spray paint...why had i not thought of this earlier? we painted our doors last month, and were given the idea to put the film (frosted) over the windows. my initial thought was that it would look cheap and i knew i wouldn't be good at putting it on--i had much more trust in my spray painting skills! so we decided to give the film a try...and my initial thoughts were spot on! it was awful, and i was not good at applying it AT ALL. so, last weekend i taped up the doors, and got to my spray painting! all in all it took about 4 coats, but it has more of a chic look to it now, and you can't peep through! that, is what i call an improvement :)

 first i had to gather all my supplies. we had blue tape leftover from all of the taping off that we have had to do in our house so far, a roll of painters paper, and valspar frosting spray paint. i started off by cleaning the windows off...twice. i tried to wipe those babies as clean as possible!
 next i taped off and covered the doors. it was the most tedious part of this project, but on the plus side,the frost show clear on the white doors, so if i missed a sliver of a spot, no biggie. after taping, i got to spraying! (the picture below shows after the second coat was complete.)
 after 4 coats the doors were finally frosted enough so that we could not see through, so it was time to hang them! once we hung the doors, kenny did notice that the top left four panes weren't frosted quite enough, because if we put our face up to the glass we can see in. but from walking by and not trying to necessarily trying to look in, they are good for now, and will be touched up!

here is the price breakdown:

paper: $4.99 at Menards
painters tape: we already had it on hand, but usually it can run from $5-$7 a roll
valspar frosting spray paint: $4.98/can at Lowes

total for us: just about $15

now that's a quick, easy, and cheap way to make those doors work :)



  1. How perfect! Love how this turned out! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Thanks! It was a nice, quick, improvement!


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