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my heart happy that the sun has been out everyday this week (and it has been out way past 7pm!)! it a sure change that spring is on its way! although there is still a lot of snow on the ground, the melting has begun!

one thing every woman should know... if your married, pray for your husband! if your not married, pray for your future husband! it may seem like a simple or "obvious" task, but it has helped me with trying to keep God first in my marriage/relationship, seeking his wisdom and guidance, and quite honestly has only continued to strengthen my faith, trust and love in kenny.

my breakfast typically consists of...oatmeal and coffee, everyday! sometimes a green smoothie sneaks in there too :)

i'm so glad I learned the secret to...a michigan winter. you just gotta keep living life normally, doing your normal everyday things! snow doesn't stop much from happening around here so you just have to keep on keepin' on! also, it may be a good idea to take some vitamin D...there isn't much sun in the winter :)



  1. Your secret to surviving a Michigan winter is right on! Although this winter has sorely tested my ability to keep going. Ha! I hope spring comes soon!

    1. haha yes! i have tried to learn as quickly as possible, since i will most likely be here the rest of my life unless God has other plans!


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