sock stealer for life.

he always finds them. he loves socks. i'm not sure why he loves them so much but he always searches them out. it takes half a second for him to quickly nab one out of the laundry basket when it is in transport from being dirty, to being taken to the washer, then dried, and brought back upstairs to be folded. laundry day is a sock field day for toby. a sock field day! dirty socks are sweaty and have been in our shoes all day (i'm am pretty proud to say that neither kenny or i really have smelly or gross feet), but my first though was that maybe he was attracted to the sweaty smell/salty taste? gross, i know. but i don't think that is the case, because he goes for clean socks just as often as the dirty ones. and thank goodness he doesn't rip the socks apart! we have had a few small holes here and there but no rips, he basically just likes to carry them around and lay with them...claim ownership over them. and he KNOWS that he is wrong when he takes a sock. he has a guilty look every time and crouches as he tries to walk slowly by with it in his mouth. he is such a stealthy little guy.
so there you have it. i just posted a full paragraph about my dog's love for socks. for the record i have given in a bit and he does have a designated sock now. but this definitely does not stop the sock stealing! he is a sock stealer for life! but oh, so cute. i just can't escape being a proud dog momma at this point in my life (HA)!


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