working from home: the cons

okay, so a few days later part two is finally posted! as you will notice, there are more pros than cons to working at home for me. i love working from home! so here are the cons, most of which aren't that big of a deal, but can effect my work efficiency at times!

  • sometimes i feel like i never leave the house. especially this winter since it hasn't even been warm enough or the roads clear enough to take toby on a walk during my lunch break. i have felt like a major hermit at times!
  • i feel disconnected from my co-workers and the workplace at times. there are some times when i go into work for a meeting, and feel very behind on what is going on in our office, whether is system updates, program updates, or just what is going on with co-workers. i don't always feel this way, but occasionally i do feel a disconnect.
  • sometimes it is harder to get up in the morning. i do usually make a point to get up and get ready for the day, but if i go to bed really late one night, sometimes it is hard to get up and i try really hard not to stay in bed until the very last minute. i have always loved my sleep!
  • sometimes the days seem to drag on. since i never actually leave the house in the morning to go to work, and there is not a time that i leave work to get home, my days seem mushed together and seem longer than the days that i actually do go into the office!

so all in all, i do really enjoy working from home! when i started, i didn't think i would like it as much as i do now, and it has just worked out so well for me so far! do you go to the office or work from home? i would love to one day (re) decorate the office space that i have here at home, but it may one day be used for a bedroom. so, maybe i can design an office that easily transforms into a bedroom? we'll see :)


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