working from home: the pros.

i have mentioned before that i work from home, except for occasional days when i need to go into the office for a meeting or have an event that i need to attend. as a college recruiter, i do need to be flexible sometimes, and there are some days that i work extra hours. so i thought i would share in a two-part post what the pros and cons are of working from home. lets start with the pros:

  • i don't have to commute back and forth to work everyday. if i drove into work it would be 50 minutes on the road each day. this cancels out on everyday wear on driving on the highway and pot hole filled roads. it also saves huge on our gas expense every month! 
  • i don't feel the need to buy new work clothes all the time. this may sound stupid, but if i did go into work everyday, i would probably spend more money updating my work wardrobe than my personal wardrobe. 
  • we don't have to leave toby crated all day. when we brought toby into our family, the only reason we were able to do so is because i work from home! and i get toby cuddles all day.

  • now, being married, i make dinner every night, and to be completely honest i think working from home makes for less stress when meal planning/putting together dinner after work each day. it works out pretty well for me!

  • just because i work from home doesn't mean that i'm a slob everyday (to put it bluntly). i still get up and shower, get dressed, and sometimes i even get up with enough time to get some exercise in before my work day. i'm not really a morning person, but if i didn't prepare myself for my day, i don't think that i would be ready to take on my daily tasks. i wouldn't have the work mentality that i need.
  • i don't have to pack a lunch! and i have more flexibility with my lunch break. i can take toby on a walk, start or prepare dinner for that night.
  • sometimes i can multitask. if i'm on a phone call, i can talk while unloading the dishwasher, or put in a load of laundry. 
  • i have my own space, i am comfortable in it, and i work better when i am able to get in my zone.
i can assure you that my list of cons will be shorter. i love working from home, the responsibility that it carries, and how it has really just worked so well for me. make sure to stop back and check out what i feel are the cons of working from home!


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