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Happy Easter (a day late)! we had a great weekend celebrating that our Savior lives! we enjoyed fellowship at church and with family yesterday and listened to a great message at church from our pastor!

lately when i log into facebook, all i see are shared articles telling you how to do one thing or another, whether it is in regards to parenting, relationships, short cuts for life, politics, etc., etc., etc. sometimes when i do read an article that has been shared, i wonder if the person who shared it actually read the whole thing based on their "comment" about it. in the midst of all this advice that facebookers like to give via "sharing" things, i have come across some good stuff!

i suffer from spring allergies every year, this article by real simple gives some great tips for allergy sufferers! i love real simple (my favorite magazine!) and of course follow them on all social medias!

we all know men and women are different and our brains work much differently. this article talks about how men can respond to their wife, causing injury unintentionally. the website also has an article for women on this subject too. it is SPOT ON and definitely worth the read, married or not! on a lighter note, this article proposes a sorta fun challenge for marrieds.

this video where taylor swift surprised a bride to be is super sweet! i haven't always been the biggest fan of t-swift's music, but this act of kindness by a celeb was so nice to see!

this video has been pretty viral over the last week, with mothers day coming up, it was worth the watch!

what cool things have you read/watched out there recently??


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