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On a Saturday morning, I usually... try to sleep in before getting up to let toby out, have my breakfast and coffee, and then clean. saturday is my "clean the house" day!

I feel beautiful when... i take care of myself, physically, mentally, and of course if kenny tells me i do. when i am able to take my time to get ready and go out somewhere i feel the best. when i am in a rush i always feel disheveled and can never figure out what to wear. when i have time/make time to get ready, i feel more confident and put together. and course when I am complimented...who doesn't like to be complimented?

I wake up every morning... to toby licking my face. he knows that i'm the one who gets up to let him go outside, so he has become my alarm every morning! if i want to sleep a little bit longer i just pull the covers over my head or give him a belly rub-it works!

A happy home... is organized and kept clean! (i'm sure that will change once we have kids...even though i'm secretly hoping that it doesn't because i love a clean house!) but on a more serious note, a happy home is full of laughs, growth in our relationship with God, and plenty of love!

When I have down time, I... watch tv or read. i love watching tv, and probably follow too many tv shows! i also love reading, and need to pick a new series as i just finished one recently! any suggestions?



  1. I'm just like you, I feel like I follow way too many TV shows! It depends on what you like, but I'm addicted to Pretty Little Liars, it's such an amazing show full of twists :) x

  2. Thanks for joining the Finish This link up party, I love your responses!!!!! Hope to see you back next week for another round of fun. =)


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