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i'm joining up again today with the finish this link up!  link ups in my opinion are one of the easiest ways to get to know some other bloggers out there, so when i find one that i like, i always try to participate!

my favorite makeup item is... mascara. it's really the only eye makeup i put on everyday, with the exception of eye liner every now and then, and shadow for occasions. i don't have the most clear complexion, but i do feel as though i could get away with feeling okay without it. since i wear mascara everyday and i have blonde eyelashes, mascara makes me feel like i have some intention of looking put together! enough about that...

the best book i've ever read was ____ because... i honestly feel like i can't genuinely finish this one! i love books, love reading, and i am always on the search for something new without getting caught up on the one i just finished. i have read so many good books, and plan to read many more! I'm actually pretty excited to check out what other books are shared in this link up!

my favorite tv show is...parenthood! it has been good from the beginning, and hasn't ever been filled with "soap opera" cheesy drama...yet! 

the most spontaneous thing i have ever done college, along with a few friends, i took a day trip to gatlinburg , tennessee. we literally decided to pick up and drive one night, got there in the wee hours of the morning for sunset in the smoky mountains, stayed for maybe 3 hours and then drove home. this was a 5 1/2 hour drive by the way. aahhh college....

i prefer dogs/cats because...dogs with no hesitation. we had a cat when i was younger that was pretty grumpy all the time, but what i can really remember is the black lab that we had growing up. sweetest dog ever! and now kenny and i have toby...if you have ever stopped by here i am positive you have met him because i probably post pictures of him too much...but here is another "just because". we love him!

i met my significant other...we actually originally met at a christian teen leadership camp in high school both attending with our church youth groups and our groups hung out with each other a bit each year. then when facebook became popular in college we became "friends". i had attended liberty university beginning my freshman year, and when he was thinking about transferring after sophomore year, he sent me a message explaining that he was thinking about the transfer and asked how i liked it. before kenny actually transferred he came to visit a few times and my sister and i along hung out with him and his friends a little bit each time. once he transferred and we started seeing each other randomly around campus and hanging out occasionally...and its all history from there!

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    1. yes! i watch it live every week and never miss an episode! and by "live" i mean i record it and watch it the next morning in order to fast forward the commercials :)

  2. I've got watch Parenthood, so many people have mentioned it on this week's link up post! Thanks for joining us again, glad you enjoy the prompts and hope to see you again next week. Invite a blogger friend, the more the merrier!!!! :)
    p.s. Toby is so handsome .... he likes having his picture taken.

    1. You will not be disappointed if you start watching! Thanks for stopping by, i plan to continue participating!

  3. I pretty much want to change my last name to Braverman :)

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    2. Yess, Parenthood has had a way of making me feel like I'm part of their family since the first season!

    3. me too! me too! They have totally made the show into a way that makes you feel like you are apart of their big family and it is so lovely and amazing and great at the same time!

  4. Omgsh! I love Parenthood.. it has been so underrated by critics since it started and I am so glad it is still on air.. the show is amazing and beautiful! and btw you had me at mascara and eyeliner.. I am the same way in regards to make up when its on a day to day basis and not special occasion. Mascara can usually make all the difference and is really all I need.


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