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so with winter going by so slowly this year (yes, it is okay to blame everything on winter in the mitten state), I have truely been in a slump with any type of physical activity. and then i went to hot yoga with a friend one week, and wondered why i had never done hot yoge before? besides being totally soaked at the end of the hour in 99 degree (sometimes higher?) temps, this hot yoga work out it the bomb. we have been going on sunday nights and it really has become a relaxing way to start my week! putting hot yoga in my schedule has really started me off slowly toward making sure i get at least 30 minutes a day into my schedule. so starting last week, april 1st, i have officially started a strict work out schedule. i am doing Jillian Michael's "30 day shred" and i will finish the full 30 days. Once I have completed the 30 day shred I will move into her "ripped in 30 days" dvd. time to tone it up!! Also, for the start of this month I am doing a squat challenge that I found on fitsugar. I have done a squat challenge like this before, but only did straight up regular squats the whole time, so i excited that this one changes things up!

you can find the original post and link to print out here.

so, all this being said, to help out with tracking my goal, i linked up with living in yellow, the crowley party, the freckled fox, and alissa circle to complete to 1800 minute challenge. this challenge runs from april 1st-may 31st, and each participant receives a excel spreadsheet to track their work out (i love an extra organizational tool!). also, at the end of this challenge, i can turn in my spread sheet and be entered to win a prize--who doesn't want a prize for working out?!? so i am pretty excited to have this goal and really get more activity back in my life! now that the weather is nicer i plan to add more walks for toby in my routine as well, so even our pup gets some exercise benefits!


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