summer is almost here! kinda...

[old pictures, but i thought i would share kenny's water skiing skill.]

blame it on the *hopefully* last and final ground covering snow fall we received yesterday that is almost completely melted away. blame it on the multiple days of sunshine we have been having. blame it on the WARM jacketless temperatures that we had over the last weekend. blame it on the friends who have wedding countdowns in the double didgets, visiting with the family in the near future, baseball starting, after dinner walks, and the sun setting a bit later each night....

i officially have summer fever! i cannot wait to go out on the lake, relax outside by a fire or on the deck, go to farmers markets for local and fresh produce, take walks downtown and on the trails, go on vacation, go to the beach, etc,. etc., etc.!! what are you looking forward to this summer?!?


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