easy cash money

i am so excited to share that this week i am part of the very giveaway that i won last month! you guys, this is seriously easy cash money! AND you can win even more cash than i did! unfortunately i could not get the html to work correctly on monday to share, but after putting my techy hat on yesterday to figure things out i got it up an running so that TODAY you can enter!

 i cannot tell you enough how easy it is to enter...i hardly enter giveaways, but for this one all you need to do is follow some new blogs on bloglovin, twitter, instagram, etc. to enter! i mean, how easy is it to follow someone new? you not only get to enter for money, BUT you get to possibly make new bloggy friends in the mean time :)

 after i won last month, i thought it was a super fun giveaway, so i turned some of my cash earning back into sponsoring our lovely host, karli, from september FARM. you guys, even if you don't enter the giveaway, make sure to check out her little part of the world wide web! alright, what are you waiting for?!? GET BUSY, and start making some entries to win this cash!



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happy birthday, kenny!

happy birthday to my best friend! love you more every day, babe, and im so glad that God brought you into my life -- i don't think there is anyone who could make me laugh as much as you do! i look forward to spending many, many more birthdays with you!


to my mom[s]

so...this post was supposed to go up automatically on monday morning...and it didn't. it actually never saved an i didn't realized that until last night. cool. but that being said, i still want to make sure and pay tribute to our moms. kenny and i both have moms who have done so much for us and raise us both very well! i am so thankful for the love, understanding, patience, and great example that my mom has shown and given to me. i can also say wholeheartedly that kenny has received nothing less from his mom and i have felt fully part of his family and have been treated no different since the first time that i met them! so, even though im late, i do feel as though it is very important to to give major credit to our moms...for being the best!


finish this!

this picture, my friends, has absolutely nothing to do with this post. but i wanted to sneak it in because it was pretty awesome to see the handiwork of beavers in kenny's parents back yard! you can't really see how big those trees are but, they are full grown! the amazing thing is that the beavers have moved the tree since gnawing it in two! 

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i feel an adrenaline rush when...i get excited...about anything! even if its something like going on a long road trip, i get so excited that i try to get there as fast as possible (which can end up being against the law if i'm speeding, but i try not to!!)

i feel energized when... i exercise! i would think that exercising may make me a little more tired for the day, but getting some sort of physical activity in the morning really has been kick starting my day!

i feel small when...someone questions me on something i said confidently or corrects me while i'm speaking, someone pokes fun of me, or speaks curtly (talks down) to me.

i feel big when...i eat too much. haha i may be taking this one literally, but bloating is no joke!

i feel indestructible when...i rely on God, who is in control, and ultimately knows what is best for me. i cannot be drug down when i am fully relying on God.

i feel stupid when...i make clumsy mistakes! i trip over myself very easily and i haven't always had the best balance!

i feel smart when...someone encourages me that i am doing a good job, or i am rewarded or complimented for something i have done either on my own, or that was instructed to me.

have a great weekend!


april shower

so i promise im not talking about the weather, even though our april showers here in michigan were snow showers :) on easter weekend i was able to attend a bridal shower for one of my closest friends, shalie! she lives in VA, but her and josh are getting married here in june. ACTUALLY, today marks exactly one month until they get hitched! i was asked to be a part of their wedding by being a bridesmaid, and i cannot wait to celebrate with them! they will be getting married here in michigan, and she will be arriving the week before and hopefully we will stomp out any last minute duties so that she can enjoy the days leading up to one of the biggest days in her life! anyway, we did have some super nice weather on easter weekend, and this post will not go without some pictures from the shower!

she received so many gifts and this was only her first shower! as a former bride, i can truthfully say that the gifts we received at our wedding showers were a huge blessing to help kenny and i start off our life together! and it doesn't hurt that we got to pick out the items for the registry so we knew what we could be receiving!


my unfinished weekend.

more like non-productive weekend. i set out to clean the house this weekend...it still isn't clean. kenny had planned to cut and fertilize the grass, and we were going to spray some weed killer in the garden beds and then put in some mulch. well...we went and bought the mulch, but that's about how far we got.

we basically got busy with friends and our social life this weekend, but that's totally okay with me! I got some garage sales in on saturday with my SIL, kenny and i hit up sams club saturday afternoon after our trip to home depot for mulch. and a sams club trip usually take a couple hours...because we need to check out every aisle, and try every sample. but hey, i got a new wooden salad bowl for 15 bucks! sunday we went to the driving range with friends and there is a reason i took no pictures...because i was working on my form (or lack thereof)! let me tell you, hitting a golf ball correctly is hard work if you have no experience. and now my arms are sore in weird places! it was good times, and we came back to our house after for brats and veggies on the grill and were able to eat out on our deck because the weather was so nice! i am so happy that the weather is changing and we are going to have so many great nights like that in the coming months! learned this weekend: sometimes its okay to put aside responsibility to spend time with friends, even if it means a dirty house for a couple more days! our weekend was productive, but in a different way than we planned! how was your weekend?

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