april shower

so i promise im not talking about the weather, even though our april showers here in michigan were snow showers :) on easter weekend i was able to attend a bridal shower for one of my closest friends, shalie! she lives in VA, but her and josh are getting married here in june. ACTUALLY, today marks exactly one month until they get hitched! i was asked to be a part of their wedding by being a bridesmaid, and i cannot wait to celebrate with them! they will be getting married here in michigan, and she will be arriving the week before and hopefully we will stomp out any last minute duties so that she can enjoy the days leading up to one of the biggest days in her life! anyway, we did have some super nice weather on easter weekend, and this post will not go without some pictures from the shower!

she received so many gifts and this was only her first shower! as a former bride, i can truthfully say that the gifts we received at our wedding showers were a huge blessing to help kenny and i start off our life together! and it doesn't hurt that we got to pick out the items for the registry so we knew what we could be receiving!



  1. Aw I wish I could have been there!!

    1. I would have loved it! i am sorta on the same boat as you because i miss out on a lot since i no longer live in the burg-haha!

  2. Replies
    1. they are! she actually got two sets of Mr & Mrs. mugs, and i was a bit jealous because they are so cute and i never got them! haha :)


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