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this picture, my friends, has absolutely nothing to do with this post. but i wanted to sneak it in because it was pretty awesome to see the handiwork of beavers in kenny's parents back yard! you can't really see how big those trees are but, they are full grown! the amazing thing is that the beavers have moved the tree since gnawing it in two! 

Three 31 // Coastlined // The Java Mama // The Arizona Russums

i feel an adrenaline rush when...i get excited...about anything! even if its something like going on a long road trip, i get so excited that i try to get there as fast as possible (which can end up being against the law if i'm speeding, but i try not to!!)

i feel energized when... i exercise! i would think that exercising may make me a little more tired for the day, but getting some sort of physical activity in the morning really has been kick starting my day!

i feel small when...someone questions me on something i said confidently or corrects me while i'm speaking, someone pokes fun of me, or speaks curtly (talks down) to me.

i feel big when...i eat too much. haha i may be taking this one literally, but bloating is no joke!

i feel indestructible when...i rely on God, who is in control, and ultimately knows what is best for me. i cannot be drug down when i am fully relying on God.

i feel stupid when...i make clumsy mistakes! i trip over myself very easily and i haven't always had the best balance!

i feel smart when...someone encourages me that i am doing a good job, or i am rewarded or complimented for something i have done either on my own, or that was instructed to me.

have a great weekend!



  1. i feel small when people do those things to me too! hope you had a great weekend, erin!

  2. It is amazing what beavers can do isn't it! They are very smart creatures!
    Just like what you say you do feel smart when you are rewarded for something you have done!



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