my unfinished weekend.

more like non-productive weekend. i set out to clean the house this still isn't clean. kenny had planned to cut and fertilize the grass, and we were going to spray some weed killer in the garden beds and then put in some mulch. well...we went and bought the mulch, but that's about how far we got.

we basically got busy with friends and our social life this weekend, but that's totally okay with me! I got some garage sales in on saturday with my SIL, kenny and i hit up sams club saturday afternoon after our trip to home depot for mulch. and a sams club trip usually take a couple hours...because we need to check out every aisle, and try every sample. but hey, i got a new wooden salad bowl for 15 bucks! sunday we went to the driving range with friends and there is a reason i took no pictures...because i was working on my form (or lack thereof)! let me tell you, hitting a golf ball correctly is hard work if you have no experience. and now my arms are sore in weird places! it was good times, and we came back to our house after for brats and veggies on the grill and were able to eat out on our deck because the weather was so nice! i am so happy that the weather is changing and we are going to have so many great nights like that in the coming months! learned this weekend: sometimes its okay to put aside responsibility to spend time with friends, even if it means a dirty house for a couple more days! our weekend was productive, but in a different way than we planned! how was your weekend?


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  1. Sounds fun!!!! I'm jealous I missed the cookout on the deck, my favorite thing!


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