to my mom[s]

so...this post was supposed to go up automatically on monday morning...and it didn't. it actually never saved an i didn't realized that until last night. cool. but that being said, i still want to make sure and pay tribute to our moms. kenny and i both have moms who have done so much for us and raise us both very well! i am so thankful for the love, understanding, patience, and great example that my mom has shown and given to me. i can also say wholeheartedly that kenny has received nothing less from his mom and i have felt fully part of his family and have been treated no different since the first time that i met them! so, even though im late, i do feel as though it is very important to to give major credit to our moms...for being the best!


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  1. These pictures are so sweet, and everyone looks so beautiful! ;) Where would we be without our moms?!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire


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