its just "see ya later", not goodbye...

so my good friend erica is moving away from me this weekend (insert sad face here). even though she has accepted a job in texas and decided to move 21 hours away from me, i am so excited for this opportunity she has and the awesome adventure the is about to take!! erica has been such a good friend to me over the last two years! i moved to michigan with no friends, and she jumped at the gun to befriend me and we clicked right away! the other night at her going away party, a bunch of us were sitting around a fire sharing what we were going to miss the most/what we appreciate the most about her, and what came to my mind immediately was that she would do anything, for anyone. even people she doesn't know/barely knows! she's a gem, you guys :) i am so thankful for the last two years of friendship with her, and all of the things that we were able to pack into it! why would i not create a little photo montage today dedicated to her? we're pretty good at forgetting to get pictures together, so i'm glad that i have some to share!
i mean....were such good friends, and photos are such a priority that i would push others away to get a picture with just her. 

erica, i going to miss you a lot, especially since our favorite tv dramas are coming back right after you move! good timing! it's just "see ya later", not goodbye. :)


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