summertime blogging

what has everyone else been up to this summer? any fun vacations for you and your significant other, or with your family or friends?

we have kept our weekends pretty packed this summer, making sure to spend time with our friends and family, and of course each other. after yet another weekend up north here in michigan, i started my monday morning perusing the blogosphere, and took in some of the pictures and stories from everyone else's summer. i also noticed how great and dedicated everyone else was to posting as the summer progressed. to be honest, i struggle with being regular on here during any other season and i'm sure anyone who sticks around and checks out my slice of the internet has noticed that much. summer is especially hard. working full time, and trying to squeeze in all the fun in the sun that i can... really puts this blog on the back-burner. there will probably be some changes around here coming up in the fall, possibly a fresh new look, but in the mean time, i sure do hope that you will stick around to see the random posts that become published and of course, more pictures from our summer adventures! i hope everyone is able to enjoy summer as much as we are :)


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