empty walls.

with the "work in progress" mentality, it continues to bug me that some walls in our house are pretty dang naked (see above for example). in our main living area, i notice our empty wall each time i come down the steps, or walk through the front door. my original intention was to start my picture wall on the now empty wall, but i liked the idea of having pictures on the wall that you can see though our front window. you know, proof to outsiders that humans live in our house too. so, with my lack of design creativity, here is my posed question: is it too much to create another picture collage on the empty wall? maybe add some word art and a cool trendy wall clock? i am confident that i can dress up that wall in under $30, with a goal to only spend around $20. i'm just looking for some extra options. if you read my last post, i talked about returning the tan paisley rug, which i did yesterday and replaced with this lighter colored striped rug. 60 day return policy means that i have 60 days to decide if this one if much better! what do you think?


oh hey, friday!

1. summer is clinging on with a few last days warmth this week; we're talking in the 70's this week into next, and then the temps will start dropping again. lets continue to enjoy the sun while we can, yes? pretty soon the days will be so short, and i certainly won't be getting any vitamin d from the great outdoors!

2. when your gutters go uncleaned all summer you get plants. yep, that happened at our house this year. full disclosure...this was the only place where our gutters were like this :) totally random, but you know, when i want to add pictures to this place and i'm not getting many choices from my phone, this is what you get!

3. a rug was finally purchased for our living room upstairs...but it now has plans to go back to the store. pretty rug, but just too "tan" for this space. it also bugs me a bit that the design doesn't go all the way to the edges! hopefully i wont have to buy and return again, but this space is still a work in progress!

4. we need water ice in michigan. i could go for a mango gelati right about now.

5. we got asked to host (or...we were 'nominated last year' as i was told) the christmas party this year for our sunday class at church. yay[!!] for the unexpected push to get some things done...sersiously! time to make a list of house projects and don't worry, we won't forget to check it twice!

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a fall fresh start

so today is the first official full day of fall. here in michigan the leaves have seriously already been changing, they did not wait for fall this year, and it seems like the temperature didn't want to wait either. we are fully summered out with no more trips to the beach planned, but only a few lake days to sqeeze in if the sun provides. in august we trekked to NJ to see my family and spend a week in Ocean City. our first stop once we crossed into NJ was chick-fil-a of course (as we do not have any in michigan). we spent everyday on the beach, every night around the table for dinner as a huge family, and every night at the boardwalk eating greasy treats a lots of sugar. kenny and i went to the cape may zoo one day and saw the biggest tortoise i have ever seen! it was a great time spent with family and to get in some quality time with everyone. my next visit will hopefully be when my niece arrives!!

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