a fall fresh start

so today is the first official full day of fall. here in michigan the leaves have seriously already been changing, they did not wait for fall this year, and it seems like the temperature didn't want to wait either. we are fully summered out with no more trips to the beach planned, but only a few lake days to sqeeze in if the sun provides. in august we trekked to NJ to see my family and spend a week in Ocean City. our first stop once we crossed into NJ was chick-fil-a of course (as we do not have any in michigan). we spent everyday on the beach, every night around the table for dinner as a huge family, and every night at the boardwalk eating greasy treats a lots of sugar. kenny and i went to the cape may zoo one day and saw the biggest tortoise i have ever seen! it was a great time spent with family and to get in some quality time with everyone. my next visit will hopefully be when my niece arrives!!



  1. Yay! Pictures from Ocean City! I wish I could've visited you. :(

  2. looks so fun!! <3 also i only recently went to chik-fil-a for the first time and OMG i'm in love


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