empty walls.

with the "work in progress" mentality, it continues to bug me that some walls in our house are pretty dang naked (see above for example). in our main living area, i notice our empty wall each time i come down the steps, or walk through the front door. my original intention was to start my picture wall on the now empty wall, but i liked the idea of having pictures on the wall that you can see though our front window. you know, proof to outsiders that humans live in our house too. so, with my lack of design creativity, here is my posed question: is it too much to create another picture collage on the empty wall? maybe add some word art and a cool trendy wall clock? i am confident that i can dress up that wall in under $30, with a goal to only spend around $20. i'm just looking for some extra options. if you read my last post, i talked about returning the tan paisley rug, which i did yesterday and replaced with this lighter colored striped rug. 60 day return policy means that i have 60 days to decide if this one if much better! what do you think?



  1. omg do you live near a hobby lobby because there are some BRILLIANT wall decorations there!! i wouldn't do another gallery wall there, because it might seem really cluttered and small, you know? just my thoughts. :)

    1. I should try hobby lobby! i always forget to check it out AND that they usually have an awesome clearance section!

  2. That is exactly how I feel about my own walls! We've been living in this house for almost two years now and still barely anything on them. I really want some more frames and wall decorations on them especially in the living room. I hope you get what you wish for on yours!


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