oh hey, friday!

I am so ready for friday this week! how about you?

1. i finally went to the eye doctor this morning, and now the challenge is to find some new frames! i have always stuck to the classic metal frames, but i think this time i am going to step out of my comfort zone. i'm going to try for something a little more trendy this time...but not too trendy! now the challenge is to find something i like! maybe something similar to this:

2. with the colder temps coming in fast, i have been thinking about some warmer foot gear. and yes, i am thinking about purchasing some uggs. i have had uggs for about 5 years, and last year had to get rid of them because they no longer kept my feet dry when it was wet out. so im actually thinking i may need a new pair since they seem to be the warmest for michigan winters (maybe birthday or christmas?)! i have never been a huge huge fan of uggs, but they are super warm and cozy so, whatever. i like the ugg Sumner style in chestnet--its a little less bulky than the classic uggs, and has the zipper on the side!

3. in less than i week i get to meet my neice! I am so so excited to visit my sister and see her as a mom :)

4. we did some major raking in our yard yesterday, you know, to clear out that first layer of leaves. i wouldn't mind raking if we didn't have to bag them all for removal...but...its the perks of being a homeowner. they sure do look pretty though!

5. i have been thinking about getting a family picture taken for a christmas card this year...what do you think? maybe something a little more personal from us and the dog this year?

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and the winner is...rug #3

i think i finally found the winning rug. i had been looking everywhere; athome, home goods, big lots, craigslist, online yardsale sites...every where. my one catch to finding a rug was finding something affordable, preferably under $100, which turned out to be an almost impossible task when looking for a rug that is at least 9x11 in size. so finally on craigslist, i spotted this rug. it is originally from pottery barn, 9X11, and 100% wool. i went to look at it...twice...before making my decision. it did need to be cleaned, so i ended up getting the price down to $60! what do you think?

the two rugs below were both contenders, but just not big enough, and never felt right in the space. so, back to the store they go! hopefully i wont have to go through purchasing a rug again for a while!


artprize // 2014

grand rapids holds a huge art festival each year called ArtPrize. there are always so many things to look at downtown, lots of venues to walk through (all the museums are free!), and even art out on the streets! there is a lot of the art is so creative and full of talent, some art is really abstract and weird, a few pieces had a political agenda, and then there was art that reminded me of something i made in third grade. all that being said, i really do enjoy heading downtown for art prize each year to check everything out! here is some of the art i saw this year, and remembered to take a picture of :)

 ^pencil drawing...crazy good! see below the entire WALL that this piece took up (this was a winner in a previous year of ArtPrize)

 ^ a huge plant wall...with "breathe o2" in it.
 ^Einstein...it was pretty life like in person! 
 ^a picture does not do this one justice-its all quilted! (also a previous year winner)
 ^marker (yes, marker!) on canvas
 ^horses carved out of wood
^made from wood, this huge pair of sunglasses showed pictures of detroit when you looked through the other side.
^ made of push pins!
^this guy has been at ArtPrize the last couple years, but as an entertainer of "live" art, he always has a crowd surrounding him!
^all crayon, and this picture does not do justice for how big the canvas was!


welcome, october. welcome, projects.

it seems like october snuck up on us this year, right? here in michigan we have already had a nice handful of cold falls days, today its only just under 45 degrees! but we have also had those amazing fall days that are in the high 60s/low 70s, and which turn into cold fall nights. this year we were nominated to host our church groups christmas party, which turned on the switch in my mind to finish up a few things in our house that are on my mental list. we started this week with our cheap, but solid wood dining table. i had known since buying it that it would eventually get refinished, but it has been that nice yellow wood color since we got it. we certainly have our fair share of wood tones going on in our house, but it was time to make this table tie into our wood schemes just a little bit better. my dream table for this space would be a high rise square table that seats 8 (two on each side) because i feel like a square table would fit best, but since our family is a family of two, its just not necessary now. SO, this week the table was moved to the garage, and the sanding began. we sanded, stained and then poly'd the top of the table and chair seats. after waiting 24 hours, covered our "newer" darker stained parts and began spraying on white. im pretty happy with our finished product! i took the lazy way and used spray on polyurethane and paint, and i am not disappointed with it! here are some pictures from before and after. the first picture is from a year ago, and show the original table; bye, bye yellowish table! 

i think my finishing touch in this dining area would be a curtain for our slider...to make just a little more cozy!


thoughts on how i basically uprooted my life...

i have been thinking a lot lately about how i ended up in michigan. so far from all of my family and friends that i love so dearly. its expensive to travel and visits will always be minimal. my job is worked from home, and never takes me out of state. a lot of the time i feel stuck in michigan...especially in the winter. with winter around the corner, this is the season each year that makes me homesick. my sister just had her baby yesterday, and sweet little avery marie is my first neice/nephew, who i cant even go see and hold at the hospital like everyone else in my family is getting to do. a little over two years ago after we got engaged and i made to basically pack my bags and move to michigan right away, i was excited and ready for a new chapter and change in my life. it was a hard decision to make because that meant that my mom and sister would most likely be left out of the majority of my wedding planning, and since my sister was also engaged, i would be left out of hers. i prayed about it SO much and decided that it would be best to make the move, because it would benefit kenny and i more if i were living in michigan and to have our wedding here because this is where we would be living.

now don't get me wrong; i am not unhappy. i absolutely love my life here in michigan. it was a struggle when i first moved here to find a job that would provide for more than enough to just pay my bills. its been hard for an introvert like me to make friends all over again. and even though i didn't feel as though it would be hard to be this far away from family, it has been hard. but you know what? God has really provided. after two years, i have gained a couple of good legit friends who encourage me and would drop anything to help me if i ever needed them. i have a job that i really do enjoy, and coworkers that are pleasant to work with. we live comfortably in a house that we have been able to slowly update since moving into last year. and i have a husband who is smart, a hard worker, and who provides for us. i have such a great and loving "in-law" family who have treated me as family from the beginning.  i have been able to visit with my family and my family has been able to come visit me. i could go on and on counting my blessings from the over the last to years. and as tough as moving has ended up being for me, as much as i miss out on things and the convenience of seeing my family, and as much as i have have told myself that its not okay to share my sadness in being away: i have realized that its normal to feel this way. why wouldn't i be sad? it has all been heavy on my heart the last week or so, but i was reminded today in Philippians 4 that God will provide for all of my needs. friends, that is not just physical but also emotional needs. and it is so important to remember that this is on His terms and how he wants to do it. its easy to always say that "God is in control" and "God has a plan for you", but it is sometimes hard to remember to continually be seeking Him, and building on my relationship with him.if i was given the choice to move again, to uproot, i would do it all over, because this my life now isn't just about me and what i want anymore, its about both kenny and i, and what is best for both of us combined. i so very much wish that i was there to visit with my new niece, but my time will come, and i will meet her soon! until then, i will just keep asking for more pictures and skype sessions! thanks for sticking around today :)

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