artprize // 2014

grand rapids holds a huge art festival each year called ArtPrize. there are always so many things to look at downtown, lots of venues to walk through (all the museums are free!), and even art out on the streets! there is a lot of the art is so creative and full of talent, some art is really abstract and weird, a few pieces had a political agenda, and then there was art that reminded me of something i made in third grade. all that being said, i really do enjoy heading downtown for art prize each year to check everything out! here is some of the art i saw this year, and remembered to take a picture of :)

 ^pencil drawing...crazy good! see below the entire WALL that this piece took up (this was a winner in a previous year of ArtPrize)

 ^ a huge plant wall...with "breathe o2" in it.
 ^ was pretty life like in person! 
 ^a picture does not do this one justice-its all quilted! (also a previous year winner)
 ^marker (yes, marker!) on canvas
 ^horses carved out of wood
^made from wood, this huge pair of sunglasses showed pictures of detroit when you looked through the other side.
^ made of push pins!
^this guy has been at ArtPrize the last couple years, but as an entertainer of "live" art, he always has a crowd surrounding him!
^all crayon, and this picture does not do justice for how big the canvas was!


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  1. my friends go to this every year and have been trying to convince me to come to it but plane tickets are SO EXPENSIVE from my neck of the woods to there! it looks AMAZING!


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