oh hey, friday!

I am so ready for friday this week! how about you?

1. i finally went to the eye doctor this morning, and now the challenge is to find some new frames! i have always stuck to the classic metal frames, but i think this time i am going to step out of my comfort zone. i'm going to try for something a little more trendy this time...but not too trendy! now the challenge is to find something i like! maybe something similar to this:

2. with the colder temps coming in fast, i have been thinking about some warmer foot gear. and yes, i am thinking about purchasing some uggs. i have had uggs for about 5 years, and last year had to get rid of them because they no longer kept my feet dry when it was wet out. so im actually thinking i may need a new pair since they seem to be the warmest for michigan winters (maybe birthday or christmas?)! i have never been a huge huge fan of uggs, but they are super warm and cozy so, whatever. i like the ugg Sumner style in chestnet--its a little less bulky than the classic uggs, and has the zipper on the side!

3. in less than i week i get to meet my neice! I am so so excited to visit my sister and see her as a mom :)

4. we did some major raking in our yard yesterday, you know, to clear out that first layer of leaves. i wouldn't mind raking if we didn't have to bag them all for removal...but...its the perks of being a homeowner. they sure do look pretty though!

5. i have been thinking about getting a family picture taken for a christmas card this year...what do you think? maybe something a little more personal from us and the dog this year?

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  1. Stopping by from the link-up. I always love getting personalized Christmas cards. We snapped a few photos last Thanksgiving and used those on our cards. They are a nice touch and lots of people keep them longer than they would a generic card.

  2. Those leaves are pretty! I was just thinking last night what to do for our Christmas card this year.. we have three dogs and they never made any of our wedding photos soooo I was thinking of an outside photo with them. Stopping by from the link-up and now following along!

  3. love the glasses!!! I can't believe you guys already had that many leaves...they are so pretty, though, I probably would have left them on the ground!


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