welcome, october. welcome, projects.

it seems like october snuck up on us this year, right? here in michigan we have already had a nice handful of cold falls days, today its only just under 45 degrees! but we have also had those amazing fall days that are in the high 60s/low 70s, and which turn into cold fall nights. this year we were nominated to host our church groups christmas party, which turned on the switch in my mind to finish up a few things in our house that are on my mental list. we started this week with our cheap, but solid wood dining table. i had known since buying it that it would eventually get refinished, but it has been that nice yellow wood color since we got it. we certainly have our fair share of wood tones going on in our house, but it was time to make this table tie into our wood schemes just a little bit better. my dream table for this space would be a high rise square table that seats 8 (two on each side) because i feel like a square table would fit best, but since our family is a family of two, its just not necessary now. SO, this week the table was moved to the garage, and the sanding began. we sanded, stained and then poly'd the top of the table and chair seats. after waiting 24 hours, covered our "newer" darker stained parts and began spraying on white. im pretty happy with our finished product! i took the lazy way and used spray on polyurethane and paint, and i am not disappointed with it! here are some pictures from before and after. the first picture is from a year ago, and show the original table; bye, bye yellowish table! 

i think my finishing touch in this dining area would be a curtain for our slider...to make just a little more cozy!



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