christmas top five

i'm linking up today on the friday 5s. this week im sharing my top five on my christmas list. this is my top five this year,

{1} This robe from target would be a nice upgrade from what I already have, and it has a hood! it's pretty simple and affordable, but that's just what i need!{2} i would also love a new journal{s}. i used to write a lot more, even if just some basic thoughts, and i miss doing it!

{3} did you know that old navy has "tall" sizes offered online? being 5"9, this is so great for me! in tops i wear a medium, but always end up buying a large because the sleeves or even just the shirt itself is just too short! #tallgirlprobs i love that now ill be able to order some cute button down shirts that actually fit! here are some of the shirts i love:

{4} a few years ago a good friend got me a scarf from GAP and in it the one i still use the most often. it is big, soft, and super warm! they still carry the same style scarf in newer patterns, and i would love to get another one to add to my rotation.
{5} Kindle Paper White (with special offers, Wifi & Free 3G). i love reading, and having a kindle allows the purchasing books at a cheaper rate, and even rent books from the library!

what are your top five for christmas this year?


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