year 27

yesterday was my 27th birthday. turning 27 was a bit strange...i'm further now from 25 and closer to 30 (and if we are really technical...i am now on my 28th year of life and just finished my 27th). and i know, i know, im still young and still in my twenties but this last year was my first full year of many things. being far away, it was my first full year of not seeing family for 12 plus months. my 26th year was my first full year of being married. it was also my first full year being a "homemaker"; tackling interior design (or what i think it is), meals on the table each night, being a host to guests, and keeping things clean. i have learned a lot about myself in the last year, more about my emotions, my spirituality, my desires, wants and needs. And while these are things that i learn and grow more in each year, now that i am married, i happens in a whole new and exciting way. when i turned twenty, my vision of where i would be today, at 27, is certainly different that where i actually am. first of all...i most definitely did not think i would be living somewhere that would be cold enough for snow on my birthday...yes, it has been snowing for the last 3 days here in michigan (!). i also thought i would have been married for a longer amount of time, and already starting a family. the honest truth is that i thought i would have a least one babe by now. i didn't think that both my grandpas would already be in heaven. i also wouldn't have imagined that i would be an aunt and how much love i would feel for my niece. isn't t funny how God reminds us -everyday- that his plans are the only plans that matter? i may have had these thoughts of what i would be doing at 27 when i was 20, but after watching my life unravel further as each year goes by, i couldn't have imagined anything happening in any other way. i am so ready for what this year brings and the ways that i will grow and change this year!


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