christmas // in our house

just some of the christmas decorations that are around the house this year! i love that i am slowly collecting more each christmas. the biggest decoration purchase this year we took the plunge and bought a fake tree...and guess what...i don't hate it! the 7.5 ft fraser fur with fresh balsam scented plug in that is posing as our tree is just fine. to be completely honest, it is saving us money (i found out tree for 25 bucks online!!!), mess, and will last longer...which was important this year! we had a busy could weeks before our christmas party, and to buy a tree that would last from december 10th through the new year...well i wasn't sure if a tree from lowes would last that long, and we just didn't have the time (or really...the want to spend the money as most places start at $40) to go cut one down. this is the first time both kenny and i have had a fake tree, and we definitely have not converted from a nice real tree! 

family room // after i am finally sharing some pictures of our family room painting update! there are two different greys on the walls. we used valspar "filtered shade" on the wall that has the striped couch against it since it is the same color we used upstairs in our house and that wall connects from the stairway to our upstairs wall. on all the other walls we chose to use valspar "rocky bluffs" which is just a little bit darker. all the trim was also painted white, and the outlet covers and sockets were switched out from a creamy tan color to white. as mentioned in my last post, I love how it all turned out! the next phase of this area will hopefully include: some wall decor, replacing our temporary window blinds for real ones, recessed lighting, mounting the t.v., and possibly having a wood wall behind the t.v., and painting the doors and trim in the hallway white to match the rest of the room. one day i would love to get a nice big sectional couch and ottoman for this room!


our christmas card

since our christmas cards are, my friends, get to see a blurry iphone version. this year we used cardstore for our christmas card. I wasnt actually planning to do a christmas card, because we didn't really have a nice family picture to use, but my friend meghan was in town and offered to take some pictures for us! they turned out great, and i will be sure to share some soon! cardstore was really easy to use, always have good sales AND they included envelopes with our address typed on the back - less work for me...say whaaat?! anyway, i was really happy with how our cards turned out and i am glad that they are already on the way to family and friends! do you guys send out christmas cards every year?


picture slacker

so due to the fact that there really hasn't been good light (aka no sunny least when the room has been clean) to take pictures of our updated space, i snapped a quick picture with my phone before our party last week, and while everything was still clean. i'm hoping for a sunny day soon because it really shows the wall colors the best! this little upgrade of painting our family room and bathroom as made such a different and has especially made the family room seem a little bit "warmer". i'm already thinking about what our next little project can be! the last week has been full of house preparations, our christmas party, finishing our christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, sending off packages, and sending out christmas cards. only 3 more days of work and then i am off for almost two weeks! i cannot wait to have time of to spend with family and friends! more pictures coming soon!


family room // before

when we first moved into our house, the walls were all white. this, in my opinion, was a good thing because it was a clean slate, easy to paint over, and easy to leave "as is" because everything was neutral. so this friday we are hosting a christmas party, which pushed us to do a little touching up in our family room and upstairs bathroom. both of these rooms had some patching on the walls that could use covering and were next on our "refresh" list. currently the family room has wood trim, white walls, mismatch furniture, and minimum decor. the bathroom was the only room that had color on it (a light greyish baby blue), and it also had wood trim. over the last week we (meaning mostly kenny) have been painting the trim, ceilings and walls of these two rooms. here are some before pictures to show what we are working with:

stay tuned for after pictures! a little paint can go a long way in these spaces!


where i am

my absence over the next week or so is due to my free time being spent decorating for christmas, and painting our family room/upstairs bathroom. progress pictures in the near future!! annnd i am also promising some new updated pictures very soon!!

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