christmas // in our house

just some of the christmas decorations that are around the house this year! i love that i am slowly collecting more each christmas. the biggest decoration purchase this year we took the plunge and bought a fake tree...and guess what...i don't hate it! the 7.5 ft fraser fur with fresh balsam scented plug in that is posing as our tree is just fine. to be completely honest, it is saving us money (i found out tree for 25 bucks online!!!), mess, and will last longer...which was important this year! we had a busy could weeks before our christmas party, and to buy a tree that would last from december 10th through the new year...well i wasn't sure if a tree from lowes would last that long, and we just didn't have the time (or really...the want to spend the money as most places start at $40) to go cut one down. this is the first time both kenny and i have had a fake tree, and we definitely have not converted from a nice real tree! 

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