picture slacker

so due to the fact that there really hasn't been good light (aka no sunny days..at least when the room has been clean) to take pictures of our updated space, i snapped a quick picture with my phone before our party last week, and while everything was still clean. i'm hoping for a sunny day soon because it really shows the wall colors the best! this little upgrade of painting our family room and bathroom as made such a different and has especially made the family room seem a little bit "warmer". i'm already thinking about what our next little project can be! the last week has been full of house preparations, our christmas party, finishing our christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, sending off packages, and sending out christmas cards. only 3 more days of work and then i am off for almost two weeks! i cannot wait to have time of to spend with family and friends! more pictures coming soon!



  1. I love the muted colors in your living room! Did you paint the walls grey? I really like the yellow in the bathroom.

    1. yes they are grey! the yellow is definitely growing on me, it was a little brighter than we expected, but i'm starting to love it!

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