for the sake of those who have actually read my blog, or consistently checked in on it; i apologize. and to everyone else, ill just pick back up like no hiatus ever happened. i have shared with some friends recently how i have been challenged personally in my prayer life. back in february we were challenged in class at church to start our days with 20 minutes of praising God for two weeks. sounds pretty easy, right? well, it really wasn't that easy for me starting out. the first fives minutes actually went by quickly and then i hit that daunting brick wall.
when i started to struggle through my thoughts, would get distracted, and my mind would start to wander. i began to start writing down what i was thankful for, what i could praise God for in my life and what i could praise about God.

I have always been challenged by the command given in Thessalonians to "pray without ceasing" or keeping an on going daily walk and talk with God, not just when I remember to or when I feel like it. Opening up my day with 20 minutes of praise created a new way for me to continue in conversation and praise and seeing how it reflected on the rest of my day. prayer is an amazing and powerful thing. prayer, and a continual relationship with God is a powerful thing. looking back i have seen how prayer phasing in and out of my life through strengths and weakness has affected me. if this post makes any sense or brings light to anything, i hope it is that prayer is a gift from God; take it!


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